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Swan Valley Gallery has been operating in Guildford for 30 years and although the framing style has changed somewhat over the years, the emphasis on quality and customer service has not. Too many times we see the effects of poor quality inside the frames brought to us for repair. When you visit us, you won’t be intimidated by the price-tags as we don’t cater for the very “top end”, the quality of the workmanship however, is top class.

When you come in with a piece to be framed the steps are straight forward and in most cases you can pick up your framing within 2 weeks. There are however objects and other more complicated framing that require extra time.We cater for all picture framing budgets from basic frames to conservation framing and from framing of Postcards to Footy Jumpers and Cross Stitch. Our shop is centrally located to serve the Midland area, Perth Hills, Bayswater and Morley to Ellenbrook and Kalamunda.